If your home runs on a septic system, you have a tank that stores the solid waste after filtering through the waste water. This tank is often of good quality and lasts a long time, but it probably won't last forever. Here are some signs that it is time to get the septic tank replaced.

There is a Strong Odour

A common sign that your septic tank needs to be replaced is when you smell bad odours either in your home or outside close to the septic tank or drainfield. If the septic tank has cracks, it can cause excess waste to enter the drainfield, which is only supposed to have waste water. This often leads to a lot of bad odours. There might also be gases being released, which is due to decomposition and another sign of your septic tank needing to be replaced.

The Drainfield is Flooding.

If you walk out into the drainfield area and notice that it is flooding or much wetter than usual, it could be an issue with your septic system. Septic tanks that are having big issues often don't disperse the water and waste properly. It might be leaking out into the drainfield when it shouldn't be, which causes flooding of the drainfield. Another sign is when the vegetation around the septic tank looks like it is growing rapidly. This might seem like a good thing, but it can actually be from a leak that is causing more water to enter the area, causing all of the plants to grow.

Your Indoor Plumbing is Backing Up

Inside your home, you will also notice other signs that you need to have your septic tank inspected and possibly replaced, such as when plumbing is backing up. You might notice that when you run one of your plumbing fixtures, another one backs up. For example, you might turn on the garbage disposal and notice that sewage comes up the shower drain or the toilet. This is a sign of major problems, which could be with the main plumbing line or the septic tank itself. You might also notice the odours inside your home, or that the plumbing fixtures simply aren't working as they used to.

If you suspect any problems with your septic tank, consult a plumber right away. You need to have it replaced as soon as possible. They will also let you know if you might be in need of a different size based on your family needs. Click for more information.