Wall tiles tend to take a considerable amount of space in bathroom. As such, you choice of tiles will greatly influence the visual impact of the room. This is why it is not recommended to simply go out and purchase the first wall tiles that you come across. Instead, you need you need to put some thought into the aesthetics you would like to create to ensure that your bathroom is attractive. Before making a choice on tiles, the first thing you should do is determine what type of mood you are trying to set in your bathroom. Whether you are opting to make it bright and chipper or subtle and relaxing, this will be your point of reference when selecting wall tiles. Here are some of the considerations you should have when choosing new wall tiles for your bathroom.

Consider the colour scheme of the bathroom

A common mistake that some homeowners make is selecting tiles dependent on the paint job that is already in the bathroom. What this does though is limit how you can experiment with your choice of wall tiles. It is much easier to repaint your bathroom walls rather than the other way around. Therefore, when considering the colour scheme of your bathroom, you should start off with the colour of tiles that you would want. Once you have this in mind, you can then paint the walls of the bathroom with complementary or accent colours that will match the colour of the tiles that you would want.

Consider the materials of the wall tiles

Conventional wall tiles were made from porcelain or ceramic as these are proven to do well in bathrooms. However, if you would like to step away from the norm and make your bathroom unique, you could consider different materials such as:

  • Glass mosaic wall tiles: These are typically used as splashbacks in bathrooms. However, you can now use them to add some flair and sophistication in your bathroom by installing them as a feature wall or use them accents. Glass mosaic wall tiles come in a myriad of colours as well as textures, which enables you to use them as your main tile option without your bathroom looking bare. You can even mix and match colours in an attempt to demarcate various areas of your bathroom. For instance, install cool blue glass tiles in your shower enclosure and use yellow glass tiles for the rest of the walls.
  • Metallic wall tiles: These are becoming a popular option for homeowners who would like to add a touch of modern chic to their bathroom. These tiles comes in a variety of looks such as copper or stainless steel. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also tend to complement any colour scheme. 

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