Living in a residence without a garage can be quite inconvenient. However, having a car does not mean that it needs to be perpetually left unsheltered from the elements. Whether you live in a rental home or if you purchased a residence, a carport is a great addition for a variety of reasons. Here is why you should consider installing a carport at your residence.

A carport will shelter you from the elements

One of the greatest inconveniences of not having a garage is having to navigate through inclement weather to enter your house. This is even more of an inconvenience if you are saddled with parking your vehicle across the road and are carrying groceries, important work documents and more. When you opt for a carport, you get the chance to erect it adjacent to the main entrance of your home. This ensures you will always be sheltered from the elements once you drive into your residence. A carport also works to reduce the amount of snow that will collect outside your house during the winter months, hence easing your shoveling burden for you.

A carport will protect your vehicle

Your vehicle is an important investment. As such, it is best to take measures to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. Since cars tend to depreciate over time, the only way you can make money off your investment at a later date is by keeping it pristine. Investing in a carport ensures that your car remains protected from constant exposure to the elements. This enhances the longevity of the paint finish, as it will not be degraded by harmful UV rays. Additionally, having a carport also keeps your car safer than simply parking it on the street. It is much easier for vandals to cause harm to your car when they know they can get away with it. Scratches and other forms of damage would be much harder to afflict when the vehicle is parked right at your residence because it is more likely for these vandals to be caught. Overall, your vehicle gains various forms of protection buy being under a carport.

A carport is easy to install

Although a garage is a permanent option, constructing one can prove to be quite expensive. Not only do you have to purchase the materials, but you also have to pay for the labour involved in erecting it. With this in mind, a carport would be the more economical option for you. These carports come in a myriad of materials so you can be assured of getting one that will match the overall building materials of your home. Additionally, you could opt to have it freestanding or installed adjacent to your home just as a regular garage.