If you need glass repair for your home's windows, you might take the opportunity to consider the best type of replacement windows. Upgrading to new window panes can mean better insulation for your home and saving money on the cost of utilities. There are also added features that some windows offer that can increase your enjoyment or the ease of use and cleaning of the windows, so while you may want to have the glass of your windows replaced, you might consider new frames with upgraded options as well. Before you call for glass repair, note a few tips on the best overall replacement windows you might consider.

1. Low-E coating

This type of coating deflects heat but lets in light. This can mean lower utility bills during the long summer months; if your rooms tend to feel stuffy and uncomfortable or you run your air conditioning virtually nonstop during the summer, low-E coated windows can be the best choice. 

2. U-factor rating

This refers to the insulating factor of any material; the lower the number, the better the insulating properties. Choose a low U-factor so that you won't lose as much heat during wintertime and can keep your home from feeling drafty. This can be especially important in larger homes where your furnace needs to work hard to blow warm air in that open space.

3. Visible transmittance rating

This number will be a percentage between 0 and 1; the higher the number, the more light the window lets in. If you live in an area with shade trees and want to get in maximum light or just the experience of lots of sunlight in your home, choose a higher number for the visible transmittance rating.

4. Insulated glass

Double glazed windows can keep your home better insulated than single glazed or single panes. Typically, double glazed windows offer a layer of argon gas in between the panes and this adds to the insulating factor, more so than plain air. 

5. Features

If you are going to get new windows rather than just new glass in the windows, consider double-hung windows. These open at the top and the bottom; if you open the top, you might notice more airflow and a better breeze in the rooms, which can keep your space cooler during summertime. Tilt-in windows make for easier cleaning since you don't need to go outside to clean the windows.