If you want to add some outside space for entertaining or relaxing, you'll normally need to decide between either timber decking or patio. Timber decking is often a little more expensive, but it easily pays for itself by bringing a number of advantages over patio.

1. All-Weather Use

Patios can absorb too much heat in the summer and become too cold for comfort during the winter. They are also susceptible to damage from freezing when the temperature really drops, and it can take a long time for rain to dry up since it simply lies on the flat surface until it evaporates.

The same can't be said of wooden decking. It doesn't get too hot or too cold, making it comfortable to walk on throughout the year, and excess water will simply drip through the slats to the ground below. If the tropical heat is broken by a quick downpour, your decking will be dry again much faster than your patio.

2. Versatility

Timber decking is incredibly versatile since it doesn't need to be placed directly on the ground. You can add some beneath balconies or along the outer regions of your home, with supports of varying length keeping the surface of the decking level across uneven terrain.

In contrast, you might need to level off part of your garden before patio can even be laid down, and you'll have less choices about where it can go if your garden is oddly shaped or possesses a strong slope.

3. Style

Timber products are absolutely stunning, so timber decking just looks more upscale and attractive than a section of dull patio. Wood is a natural material, so it works well in gardens. Additionally, each wood has its own unique look due to variations in texture, grain, and colour, so you can customize your decking to look exactly how you want it to.

4. Safety

Finally, decking can be built with integrated safety rails and borders, with a gate leading out onto the rest of the garden. This is great if you have small children or dogs; you'll be able to let them out onto the decking in order to soak up the sun and play around in the fresh air, but they won't be able to get down into the rest of the garden, where they might require closer supervision, until you open up the gate and let them down.

Timber decking is more versatile and stylish than patio, and it's also better for families. You might need to add a lick of paint or varnish every year or two, but, other than that, your new timber decking will stand up well, looking just as good as it did when you first installed if for years to come. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, timber decking just makes sense.