Terrace houses are characterized by their slender form, which adds to their overall charm. Although these houses were mainly built to act as space savers rather than enhance modern practicality, it does not mean that you cannot make the most of natural lighting in these residences. Typically, terrace houses are tall and narrow, therefore they do not have the same layout as regular storeyed homes. The house may seem like a jumble of corridors and rooms, which can make them appear dark inside. The following are some of the home renovations you could choose to enhance natural lighting in terrace homes.

Opt for mirrored walls

Rather than have blank walls that sport a few family pictures, opt for mirrored walls. Your building contractor can install a full panel mirror on the wall, which can benefit the residence in two ways. Firstly, large mirrors create an illusion of additional space, so the mirror can be used to make a small room appear much bigger than it really is. The second way that mirrors can help your terrace home is by reflecting light around the house. If your building contractor can strategically place mirrors of varying sizes around the home, sunlight can be pinged from one mirror to the next throughout the day.

Get rid of solid wood doors

Granted, solid wood doors make your home seem more secure. However, what they also do is block out any natural light that could have streamed through your doorway and illuminated your home. Rather than using solid panels of wood or other opaque materials, ask your building contractor to replace these main doors with glass. If privacy is a concern, you can opt for frosted glass. This type of glass will let light steam into your home without you worrying about prying eyes too. A common misconception that some people have is that these glass panel doors will not be as strong as wood doors. The truth of the matter though is that you can get tempered glass for your doors. This has been strengthened to withstand high impact, so you do not have to worry about your door shattering to thousands of pieces.

Invest in skylights

Most terrace homes are built right adjacent to their neighbours. This means windows are typically only at the front and the back of the house, rather than at the sides. This lack of a sufficient number of windows is also what contributes to these homes being quite dark. To enhance illumination in your home, opt for tubular skylights. These skylights can be installed anywhere in the home to ensure hallways and corridors do not have to always rely on artificial lighting.