House demolition is a large project that'll create a lot of noise and cost a lot of money. If you need to have your house demolished, you should make sure you have all permits in order and that you hire a well renowned contractor to perform it for you. However, there are many things you can do before and during a demolition project to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. 


Many people tend to forget about the people that are affected by a demolition project but not directly involved in it. Your neighbours have to put up with the noises and the dust created by the demolition during the entire project. In order to be considerate towards them, you might want to let them know beforehand that you plan on having demolition work done on your house. Make sure you have all permits sorted before you talk to your neighbours so that you can show them that all will be going according to regulation, and you might also want to consider buying them a small gift for the trouble they need to go through on behalf on your demolition.


Another thing you should think about doing before the house demolition is to have your house searched for asbestos. If a demolition firm finds asbestos in your house, this might slow down or put a full stop to the demolition process. If you have the house searched beforehand, you can hire a demolition firm that are also authorised to handle asbestos removal. If, on the other hand, the demolition crew were just to find asbestos as they were working, they would have to go get the appropriate equipment or even call in another contractor to handle the removal. It's also dangerous for the workers if they aren't prepared with the appropriate safety gear for asbestos exposure and they accidentally find it.


If you're planning on selling the property after having the house demolished, you should remember that you'll need to make it look presentable after the demolition to make sure the property can be sold at its full value. If you've had excavation performed to remove a foundation, for example, this needs to be refilled. You might also want to consider spreading grass seeds over the soil where the house used to be to make sure the lawn is intact for the new owner to do whatever they want with.