Building a strong and stable foundation is of vital importance for any home building project. The foundation will be what keeps your house upright, and thus decides the life span of your house. There are different types of foundations for different types of conditions. When deciding what type of foundation you'll need for your house, you need to evaluate your building site. Piling is a common option for foundation work, and in order to find out if that's the type you need, you need to know what conditions demand you to choose piles as your foundation.

On top of or close to a mine

Piling is used on land that is unstable or for buildings that require an unusual amount of stability. One type of land that requires you to have piling done for a foundation is if your building is being built above or close to an active mine. Tunnels dug for mining are usually far beneath the ground, and many mining companies are allowed to work directly underneath residential areas. However, even if you can't feel the vibrations of the mining work by just standing on the ground, it can cause a lot of stress to your house over time. This is one situation where piling can offer the deep stability your home needs to stand the constant vibrations.

Large buildings

If the building is very large, you might also want to consider hiring piling contractors for your foundation work. The piles can offer better stability to a large or a tall house than an ordinary concrete foundation. Piling is an especially good option if you're building a tall building with many stories and can then be combined with a concrete foundation to make sure that the movement in the ground isn't affecting the top stories of the building.

Houses close to or on top of water

Another scenario where you're best off with piles for the foundation to your home is if you're constructing a home close to, or on top of, water. Piles will elevate your house from the water or the muddy conditions that are usually prevalent close to bodies of water. If you're building on a riverbed, it's also important to remember that rivers tend to move and change with the seasons. Make sure that your piling contractors have experience with working on building close to rivers so that they can install the piles deep enough to not get affected if the riverbank where your house is located were to be swept away by a flood.