When planning a home remodel, you have likely poured over your budget, chosen the most qualified contractor, and discussed a proper timeline to have everything done. However, don't forget about finding a place to get rid of all the waste you will inevitably end up with. Renting a skip bin is a great way to haul away the waste, since all you do is throw it in the dumpster, then have the company pick it up for you. Here are some tips to follow if you do decide to use a skip bin.

Provide Enough Room For Delivery

Before you even get your skip bin, you need to prepare for it. By now, you should have already chosen the correct size for your renovation project, and figured out if you need a permit. Permits are sometimes required if you are parking it on the street or if you are using a particularly large dumpster that might be an eyesore for your neighbours. When you call up the skip bin company to have it delivered, make sure you have adequate room. You not only need room for the truck dropping it off, but for them to roll it off the truck and park it either on your driveway or on the street. Move your car, trash cans, and anything else that might be in the way.

Know What You Can't Put in the Bin

There are multiple types of skip bins to rent, from those that are only for waste, to those that take just yard waste. If your renovations require indoor and outdoor work, you might have a mixed waste bin. Even with this type of bin, you can't just throw in anything you like. You should still follow the same rules as what you would put in your regular trash can by not including anything hazardous or dangerous. This includes no liquid waste like chemicals, oil, or paint thinner, no, hazardous waste, and no batteries or car tyres. These bins are not meant for food waste, so keep that out as well. An important thing to remember is that if you suspected asbestos during your renovations, do not throw these materials in the skip bin. Call up an asbestos company to dispose of it safely for you. Also do not mix soil and concrete with general waste.

Pack the Bin Like a Moving Truck

If you got a waste bin much larger than what you need, you can just throw in waste and not worry too much about placement. On the other hand, if it is a bit small for your needs, you need to pack it with more care and attention. This helps to fill it up just once without having the bin company haul it away, then have to bring the bin back for round two. Pack the bin as you would a moving truck, starting with the largest waste first, filling in holes and pockets, and ending with lighter and smaller waste on top. Just make sure you don't overfill it, or it will spill over when the bin company picks it up.