When designing your house, you may not be able to use the same materials throughout the building. You need to vary the materials and components to enhance your design concepts, cut on costs and optimise the functionality of the different spaces in the house. Stainless steel balustrades are a good example of the components you can use for design variation and functionality. Essentially, the balustrades are used for partitioning or on the edges of staircases, balconies and patios. You can also use them around pools. They ensure safety on balconies and staircases and help you to minimise trespassing pedestrian traffic into the areas they demarcate. If you want to install stainless steel balustrades in your home, here are some important things that you should know:


When installing a fitting that will be exposed to many things that can damage it physically, you need a material that can stand up to these destructive elements. When used indoors, the balustrades serve as handrails, which are often the victims of immense friction. Outside the house, you can bet on moist conditions, frost and ultraviolet radiation to do a lot of damage to your balustrades. This is what makes stainless steel ideal for your balustrades. Steel has high tensile strength that minimises the risk of warping and weakening under friction, moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Make sure that the steel has a shiny coating with a slippery feel. This coating enables the steel bars to remain aesthetically appealing and scratch free. Moreover, make sure that the steel is galvanised to prevent oxidation when it is exposed to moisture and air.


Some stainless steel balustrades can be fitted in such a way that they are easy to remove and install in another place. This can save you lots of money when you want to change the design in the house or outdoor space around pools and patios. It also reduces the time spent to restructure the interior or outdoor space. 


Stainless steel balustrades give you a lot of freedom when it comes to aesthetics. You are not limited to using vertical and horizontal shapes during installation. On the contrary, other materials like wood and glass can be brought in to achieve a sophisticated look for your home's décor. For instance, you can use polished timber for the handrails while the steel bars serve as railings. To add on that, steel poles can serve as handrails while glass fills the space meant for railings. You can use translucent glass in an area such as a poolside where you need privacy.