The layout of your house is probably the biggest decision you have to make when building or designing a home. Among the most important factors in your home's design is choosing the ideal floor plan to fit your lifestyle and home's needs. Creating the perfect floor plan with a smooth flow from one room and floor to another can be difficult. However, with a few tips, you can work together with your building designer to create the perfect plan for your family.

Choose the building orientation

A building's orientation plays a significant role in determining its interior's setup. It will also determine the amount of light that flows into your home. Consider where you want the large windows in the house to face having the surrounding scenery in mind. Do you want the morning sun hitting the bedrooms, kitchen, patio, living area, or the front porch? This is an important aspect that can increase comfort in your home. Proper orientation can even save you energy costs if your home receives enough natural light.

Define your interior space

The first step is defining the space inside your house and how it will be used. Examine the social, special, and future needs of your home. Answer the following questions in regards to your lifestyle:

  • Do you have children or do you plan on having any in the future?
  • Are your kids, young and need growth space or are you downsizing?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Will the bedrooms share bathroom facilities?
  • Do you need an open plan kitchen?
  • Do you need a dedicated office space?
  • Do you entertain guests a lot and require a big entertainment room?

These questions will help you determine the ideal size of your home and whether you need a one or two floors. You will also be able to plan the size of each room within the house and where it will be located.

Outline your outdoor space

Your floor plan should include your outdoor living space. For most people, patios and decks are an extension of their home. Design this space carefully so that it is easily accessible and connects smoothly with the interior. Also, think about the exterior landscaping. If you wish to include any landscaping features such as a yard, clearly outline where it will be located and how it will be accessed from the house.

Designing your floor plan is a major step in building the home of your dreams. Ensure you work with a building designer as they can offer invaluable professional advice and help you with the complex aspects of your home design.