An excavator hire can make quick work of any digging you need done on a construction site or even your residential property. They can also keep you safe; manually digging a pit can be dangerous if it were to collapse while you were in the pit or near the edge, but being in an excavator can mean staying a safe distance away while digging. When you are ready for an excavator hire, note a few accessories you might choose along with or instead of the standard bucket typically attached to an excavator, to make your dig safer and easier overall.

Height limiter

This accessory attaches to the arm of an excavator and can be programmed to sound an alarm if the arm reaches a certain height as you lift it during a dig. This is a good choice when working under overhead wires, tree branches, and the like, as you can set the height limiter to keep you aware of when you approach those obstacles. Someone not accustomed to working with an excavator would especially do well to consider this accessory, as it's not unusual to get distracted by the dig itself and forget to be mindful of what's overhead if you're not used to how tall an excavator can get when the arm is fully extended.


Once you have your pit dug, you may need to fill it back in over the pipes you want to have installed or that are getting repaired, or may need to move the dirt to another location for disposal. A blade can make this much easier as you can simply scrape and push the dirt along. Trying to refill the hole one bucket's worth at a time can be tedious and can also be somewhat messy, as it's difficult to control the amount of dirt that gets emptied at once when you use a standard bucket.

Ditching bucket

If you need to dig a long, narrow ditch or trench, you don't need to rely on a large, deep bucket. A ditching bucket is wider but not as deep and is meant specifically for digging ditches as well as for helping to slope or grade property. Using a ditching bucket can mean making long but shallow trenches more readily; if you're digging for plumbing pipes or to install a sprinkler system or are creating irrigation trenches for a small farm or garden, this can be the better option or accessory than a standard bucket used for creating deep pits.

Contact the plant hire company for more information on what accessories might help you complete your project.