Some people may only consider the weight capacity and the size when selecting a trailer to hire. However, other factors may be equally important when selecting a trailer to hire for a DIY project. This article discusses some of those other important factors that you should consider before you do a trailer hire.

The Wiring

Sections of the wiring of trailers usually pass through the trailer frame. Check and confirm that there are grommets (protective eyelets) to protect those sections that go through the frame. Missing grommets may create opportunities for the wires to chaff against the frame as you tow that trailer. This can cause a short circuit that may damage the electrical system.

The Taillights

Pay attention to the type of taillights on the trailer that you wish to hire. LED lights are usually better because they consume less power than other types of lights, such as incandescent lights. The battery of the tow car will not be drained excessively as it powers the LED taillights of that trailer. LED lights are also very bright so other motorists will be able to see clearly that you are braking or signaling that you intend to take a turn. The durability of LED lights will also protect you from incurring the cost of replacement lights in the time that you will be using that rented trailer.

The Welds

Trailers usually have welded sections on their frames. Examine those welds to ensure that they are consistent from the start of the weld seam to the end. Uneven welds may fail when the trailer is loaded and you may be compelled to conduct costly repairs before you return the trailer to the trailer hire company.

The Tyres and Wheels

Make sure that the trailer that you want to hire has tyres and wheels whose load rating is equal to the load rating of the trailer. If possible, select a trailer whose tyres and wheels exceed the load rating of the trailer. Such a precaution will ensure that the tyres will not burst in case you accidentally exceed the load capacity of the trailer as you transport the materials that you need for your DIY project.

You will be able to select the best trailer to hire if you consider the factors above during the selection process. Consult a professional for help in case you are unsure about how to evaluate a given trailer on any of the factors discussed above.