Nothing can beat the feeling of freedom and satisfaction when you take to the open water on your new boat. You may have started fishing as a hobby, or simply love cruising the waterways near to your home. In any case, you need to figure out a way to launch and retrieve your boat as simply as possible, if you're going to maintain your new-found enthusiasm for the sport. How can you retrieve your boat to your vehicle as easily as possible, at the end of the day?

Making It Easy

When you purchased your boat, you may have invested in what's known as a "float on" trailer as well. These are specially designed with guides, poles and rollers, so that the boat can be coaxed onto the trailer as easily as possible. However, you may go one step further and consider attaching a power winch to your ute or pickup. In this way, you can winch from dry land and won't have to worry about your trailer wheel bearings being regularly submerged in the water.

Choosing a Winch

You need to determine the correct type of winch for your situation. Models are rated according to the individual weight of the boat, as well as the difficulty of the retrieval. If you have a ramp that is particularly steep, a more powerful winch may be called for.

Setting It Up

Make sure that the winch is securely attached to the rear of your towing vehicle and is wired properly to the main battery. If you don't want to hook this up permanently, you will need a spare, heavy duty battery with proper clips and connectors, to keep in the trunk of your truck. Don't forget if you choose this option, however, to make sure that this battery is regularly recharged in between sessions.

In and Out Operation

Your power winch will probably come with a remote control, but this will allow you to gradually release the clutch mechanism to slowly off-load the boat from the trailer. This is your safety device and controls the speed of decline.

When you're ready to retrieve the vessel at the end of your day, make sure that you have the vehicle running and charging the battery. It will take a lot of power for you to winch the boat on, but simply take up the slack, press the button to start the winch and keep the clutch knob set to allow for brake safety.

Extra Ideas

It's a good idea to fit an upgraded alternator to your vehicle if you really get into this habit and make winching a regular occurrence. Also, make sure that your winch is bolted to your vehicle with an an antitheft device. You can create a cover for it, so it is out of sight and out of mind. For more information about winches, contact a local professional.