Shopfitting is an essential part of establishing your identity as a brand, and so it is important that you make a good first impression for your customers. While there are many shopfitting services that you should use, there are also some basic components that most retail shops need to have which you should bear in mind. These items can help make your store a lot simpler for your customers to browse and make it more inviting for anyone to simply come in and have a look. While not all of these may apply to you, specifically, it should help you think about the essentials you need for your specific type of retail store.

Slat Walls

If you are designing a retail store then you absolutely must have some slat walls in your business. Not only do they allow you to hang up shelving in far less space than other shelves, but they also can be customised to your heart's content. You can change how high the shelves are, how wide they are spaced out, what colour they are, whether they are intertwined with other displays and so on. Slat walls form the foundation of almost every retail store, especially in the cities where space is at a premium.

External Signage

Before people even come into your store and decide whether they want to buy from you they need to be enticed in. To do this you need clear signage that is not too gaudy but strikes the right balance between interesting and informative. This is where shopfitting services can really help, as most of the time they have interior design expertise and know how to make it look good without making it a direct copy of a nearby shop. Being unique but interesting is a hard balance to achieve, so make sure you do get an expert opinion and spend a little time on this part of your shopfitting.

Refrigerated Displays

Apart from your slat walls, the first thing you should plan is your refrigerated displays. These fridges are often kept up the back because they generally contain the most popular items and so you want your customers to walk through your store to get them so they potentially see other items on the way that they might like. Always make sure to budget enough room for refrigerated displays, and leave a bit of leeway in case you want to expand later on and add in more fridges. 

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