Everyone loves to have a dip in the pool now and again, and owning your own pool is many Australian's ultimate goal. However, when you do finally achieve this dream, it is important that you put proper safety precautions in place so that no small children or pets can fall in and potentially drown. That is why pools must have fences, but there is still some element of choice in the matter. The main two options for pool fences, aluminium and glass, offer two very different types of barriers, while both being exceptionally safe. Here is how to choose between the two.

Cramped For Space

If you don't have a lot of room and your pool takes up most of your backyard, then trying to squeeze every last ounce of space out of this area is vital. To do that, pool fences made out of glass are far better for a number of reasons. First of all, glass has always created the illusion of more room to work with because it is see-through. Aluminium fences, on the other hand, are another barrier that you see in your garden that can make it feel cluttered. If space is important to you, glass pool fences should be your first choice.

Keeping It Simple

Glass pool fences might be more visually appealing for many people, but they are also a lot more work to maintain. Glass will show up every tiny little imperfection that lands on it, from rainwater to dust. Aluminium fences will very rarely ever need to be cleaned, especially if you choose a colour that is better at concealing these issues, like black or dark green. With less surface area and a generally stronger material, aluminium pool fences also often have fewer structural issues in the long term, which is not something you need to be worried about right now but something to keep in mind.


If you are planning on investing in your home to sell it in short order, then shelling out more money for glass pool fences, which are generally more attractive to buyers, is definitely a good idea. If you are more worried about your own back pocket after shelling out so much for the pool, then your priority is going to be aluminum fences that are built to last. If money is important to you, then you have to bear in mind these two options and consider which is more valuable to you now, an immediate saving in price or a potential long-term gain when it comes time to sell.