If you've engaged the services of a home builder, here are some tips to follow.

Don't be afraid to request house features that might be hard to build

When working with the builder, it's important to be completely open about what you want this home to look like and not to be afraid to request house features that you think might be more difficult to construct than most standard house features (such as, for example, an imperial staircase).

Home builders will normally jump at the chance to create property features for their clients that require a little bit more creativity and planning than features that are more commonplace. As such, whilst your builder will advise you if they think the feature won't be suitable for your home (for example, if you're building quite a small property, then the imperial staircase might be too large), they will be happy to add this to your house's design if it's possible to do so.

Furthermore, even if you request a feature that would be very complicated to construct and the builder suspects that designing and constructing it would require specialised knowledge that they feel they don't have, they may be able to consult with an architect who could help them make this feature for you.

Try to be flexible when it comes to timescales

Builders will usually aim to finish building their clients' homes by a specified time. With this being said, it's best to be flexible in regards to the timescale, as there are many things that can influence how long it takes a builder to complete the construction of a house.

This includes delays in building material deliveries that result in the construction of some features taking longer, bad weather that prevents the builder's team from working on the house exterior and unforeseen issues with the building plot (such as, for example, tree roots in the soil that the builder has to remove before they can begin building the foundation).  

Whilst it's very unlikely that you'll experience all of these delays when your home is being constructed, it's important to be aware that they can happen and to understand that the occurrence of one or more of them might cause the deadline for your home's completion to be pushed back slightly. Keeping this in mind will mean you won't be taken aback if any delay occurs and that you won't become fixated on a specific move-in date.

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