If you are thinking about installing a brand-new inground pool at the back of your property, you will be thinking about how to finish everything off and provide a great entertainment area for family and friends. Nothing beats the look and feel of wood underfoot, and you may be thinking about surrounding the pool with a ground-level deck. Yet while this will certainly meet your needs and give your project an aesthetic flair, you may inevitably face challenges in the years to come with degradation. How can you get around this?

Moisture-Related Issues

When you fit ground-level decks, they will obviously be close to the soil beneath. In hot and humid conditions, this can cause a buildup of moisture in between the ground and the underside of the deck, leading to wood rot. In addition, mould and mildew will find this environment ideal and quickly take hold out of sight. As the years go by, this could lead to worsening conditions, and you may eventually need to replace the deck altogether.

Additional Maintenance Issues

Even if you elevate the deck so there is enough space for air to flow through, you will still need to install joists to support the deck itself. These joists will often be made of wood as well and will therefore be vulnerable unless they can be treated at regular intervals to avoid any rot. However, treatment can be difficult because many of these joists will be very hard to get to without removing the top layer of the deck completely.

Composite Wood Materials

Nevertheless, there is a compromise if you use composite decking boards instead. These look and feel just like wood but have a PVC surface layer that is very resistant. It may still need some care as time passes, but it will certainly resist wood rot for a great deal longer than traditional materials.

Galvanised Steel Frame

You should pair this composite wood with a steel support frame. This will be very hardy and will undoubtedly resist any rot, as well as the ever-present threat of termites. A steel deck frame will typically come with a lengthy warranty as well for your added peace of mind.

Planning Your Project

So, as you plan to introduce a new pool, ask your deck construction contractor about composite wood decking supported by a galvanised steel frame. It's a better all-around solution if you want to avoid the long-term risks of wood rot, mould and mildew.