When you've been living in the same property for a long time, and it's time to change, you need to ensure that it is ready to sell to the highest bidder. Yet, you may have taken many things for granted over the years and cannot be entirely sure that the building is in perfect shape for a new owner. What is your best approach to take in this situation?

Time to Reveal the Truth

Sometimes, issues can arise that a homeowner may not be aware of. The owner may be blissfully aware of growing problems out of sight, but they may nonetheless be responsible when it comes time to sell. In this situation, it's a good idea to bring in an experienced building inspector, who will know what to look for and compile a report.

Support Structure Issues

One of the biggest potential problem areas may be beneath your feet. You may need to look closely at the foundation and any associated support structure to see if it is still in good and serviceable condition. Some slab supports are made from timber, which may deteriorate as time goes by. If this is the case, those supports may need to be upgraded or replaced by galvanised steel.

Unexpected Termite Damage

Talking about wood, are you sure that the timber hidden behind your drywall and in your attic space is still in perfect condition? Termites can be a significant problem throughout Australia, and issues can arise unless you have scheduled a regular inspection. Again, you're responsible for the condition of your home before you sell. If there is any damage, you need to get it fixed before you can go to market.

Hidden Mould Infestation

Due to the humid climate, mould is an ever-present threat. If any areas in your home may have experienced a water leak in the past, mould may have made its presence felt. Certainly, it's possible to clean a mould infestation and repaint it as needed, but that does not necessarily remove the entire problem. If some of the interior drywall is still damp, that mould may yet be present. You may have to replace some of that structure to give yourself a clean bill of health. Again, a thorough building inspection will help to reveal any issues.

A Clean Bill of Health

While these are some of the biggest challenges that may often catch an unsuspecting seller by surprise, it is by no means an exclusive list. If you want to be sure, bring in a building inspector at your earliest opportunity so they can give you advice.

Reach out to a building inspection services company to learn more.