With time, the land surveying profession has evolved with the introduction of new technologies. From theodolites to GPS receivers, the use of technology in land surveying has constantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of the profession. But what are some of the latest technologies available today that can help land surveyors with their work?

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS is widely used in land surveying today. It allows surveyors to accurately determine position points and boundaries. It is a satellite-based navigation system that uses a network of satellites in orbit to provide location and time information. GPS has revolutionized land surveying, making it possible to accurately determine a location with a high level of accuracy in a matter of seconds.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is another great technology that allows for the creation, management, analysis, and display of geographic data. GIS is a valuable tool for land surveyors because it can be used to store and analyze spatial data. This includes property deeds, zoning regulations and topographic maps. In addition, GIS helps surveyors to create maps that are accurate and up-to-date.


Drones are a very popular tool for land surveying. They are equipped with sophisticated cameras, sensors, and GPS systems that allow surveyors to quickly and easily map large areas. They are used to collect data on difficult terrains, such as steep cliffs or heavily forested areas. Often, they're used to create 3D models of structures and landscapes, which can be used to create accurate maps and assess environmental impacts.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a technology that uses a laser to measure distances and create 3D models of objects and spaces. Land surveyors can use laser scanning to create accurate models of buildings, topographical features and even whole cities. It's also used to scan for potential hazards such as landslides, rock falls, or unstable slopes.

Mobile Mapping

Mobile mapping uses high-tech cameras and sensors to quickly and accurately map large areas. Mobile mapping systems can be mounted on cars, boats or even trains, making it possible to scan entire regions within a matter of hours. These systems are ideal for land surveyors because they can be used to collect data on highways, railways and other large infrastructure projects.

The Bottom Line

As technology continues to evolve, the land surveying profession will continue to benefit from new and innovative tools that make it easier to gather and analyze data. From drones to GPS receivers, these technologies have revolutionised the way land surveyors work. They make it possible to create accurate maps and models quickly and efficiently. So if you have a job that requires any difficult analysis, get in touch with experienced land surveyors for their help.

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